Return Policy


Do not process a return request unless you are certain that the system is indeed faulty/defective and that you've previously referred to the user manual as well as to our "FAQ's & Support" section of our website for possible solutions to the problem/s you're experiencing. If the system does not respond, has frozen or behaves in an unexpected manor, then try resetting it or disconnect the power for 5 minutes, reconnect and reset the system to see if this helps. All returns that are found to be in working order and/or found to have been tampered with and/or damaged, will attract a handling and postage charge of R350.00 to return the system (no exceptions) as per point 7.10 of our Terms & Conditions which you may view by visiting the following link;

* It remains the responsibility of the customer and not of Sound Louder or RMA & Technical to ensure that the system being returned is indeed faulty/defective

7. How to process a return ?

1. All our products come with 7 days exchange warranty, 1 year hardware repair warranty (12 months), 3 years software warranty (36 months) except for demo products, Reverse Cameras, Accessories, software etc..
2. If there is a quality defect that causes the device to be unacceptable or unusable during the warranty period, we will accept a return and either repair the item, replace it with a new one or replace the item with an equivalent item that you accept (manufacturer's terms/conditions apply). At our own discretion, we may also offer a voucher of the same value which you may then use to place a new order. If the new order has a higher value than the voucher, then you will need to pay the balance by any of the payments options that we accept (EFT, Cash Deposit, PayPal). Refund requests are not accepted and you understand and unconditionally agree to the available solutions which we do offer.
3. All returned products must be sent together with the original package, accessories, manuals etc..
4. In the event of any returned goods where you are requesting a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) under the warranty period, the shipping costs returning the product to our technical team are payable by you and cannot be compensated by Sound Louder (under any circumstances). The timeframe for repairs is usually between 1-8 weeks (without delays), depending on the product, the problem itself and if the problem can be resolved by our technical staff or if the device has to be returned to the manufacturer (takes longer). You will have to cover all shipping costs when sending the device to the manufacturer and we will only cover the cost to send it back to you once repaired/replaced. Repaired items (locally) are dispatched via postal services (SA only) with a tracking number included to the original address as when the order was placed, please contact us if you would like to change the delivery address when processing the RMA request. Speed Service or Express Delivery may be arranged at an additional charge, please contact us should you prefer either of these services. In some cases and depending on the fault itself, the manufacturers we deal with may dispatch a new item instead of a repaired on (at their discretion), in this case the new item is usually dispatched directly to our customers. It is possible that customs may apply duties and taxes and you understand and accept that you are liable for these charges and that Sound Louder will not compensate the duties and taxes applied by customs or any other fees.
5. Physical damage or modification to a product invalidates the warranty, these include; cutting, slicing, tapping, rewiring, modifying components, inadequate installation, opening products (e.g. to repair or modify components), invalidates the warranty. Flashing the firmware or using non-approved software invalidates the warranty (these are detectable by the manufacturer's engineering team).
6. Car audio/video products (radios, monitors etc..) must be installed by a qualified/professional installer, a copy of the installation receipt must be provided in order to validate the warranty. Failure to provide a valid receipt of the installation services will invalidate the warranty (no exceptions).
7. There is a 15% restocking fee for all non-defective returns (must be returned within 7 days of receipt) and is only acceptable under certain circumstances (e.g. incorrect model ordered etc..). Shipping costs are not taken into account when processing a refund request for non-defective products, only the product value minus the 15% restocking fee on the condition that the item is returned in it's original condition. Sound Louder reserves the right to accept or deny the return of non-defective items at our own discretion.
8. In the event that a product is returned and proven to have been tampered with (opened, modified etc..), the warranty will immediately be considered void and the item will be returned at your expense.
9. If there is a problem with a product purchased from us, do not open it as this will void your warranty (no exceptions).
10. In the event that a non-faulty item is returned and confirmed to be working, you will be charged the postage and handling fee to return the item (R350.00). The same applies for defective or non-defective products which have been returned but found to have been tampered with or modified in anyway as per Point 7.5